• New Zealand is known for its stunning landscapes.
  • New Zealand has one of the lowest crime rates in the World.
  • It has a vibrant heritage, is rich in the arts.
  • Schooling is compulsory for children until 15 years of age in most states and territories.
  • Multicultural New Zealand is a safe, friendly, sophisticated and harmonious society & offers excellent value for money and a high standard of living.


New Zealand boasts of a very fine and high level of education and no wonder it is a favorite amongst international students. It has an impressive list of World class colleges & Universities, situated in some of the most scenic places.

Some Salient Features

  • There are eight universities in New Zealand which run undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. Universities are research-based and state-owned. The academic year runs from March to November (though some courses may start in January or July).
  • New Zealand polytechnics are established under the Education Act 1989 as amended, and are considered state-owned tertiary institutions along with universities, colleges of education, and w├únanga. New Zealand has 22 Institutes of Technology or Polytechnics.
  • There are a growing number of private tertiary and training providers offering an alternative study option. They offer a wide range of programmes.
  • Indian 3-year degree is acceptable directly for Masters programs.
  • No GRE/ GMAT/ SAT required.
  • Flexible visa regulations and immigration laws in favour of international students.
  • Flexible and favourable opportunities for migration after studies.

Geography & Climate

New Zealand is located in the southern Pacific Ocean, approximately 1,600 kilometres (995 miles) south-east of Australia. New Zealand is comprised of two main islands (the North and South Islands) and several smaller islands of which the combined total land area is 270,534 sq. kms (104,454 sq. mls - approximately 36 times less than the US). New Zealand experiences summer from December - February and winter from June - August. The climate is temperate with little extreme. Any huge variations in temperature can be accounted for by the combination of the mountainous geography and prevailing westerly winds.


The official currency of Australia is dollar.
1 NZD$ = Rs. 52 /- (Approx. as on March. 2014).

Cost of Education & Living

The cost of education in New Zealand is between NZD$12000-19000 for Undergraduate Courses and between AUS$12000-28000 for Post-Graduate Courses. The cost of living is approximately NZD$10000-14000 per year, this covers all the living expenses; including accommodation, food, travel, books, clothes and entertainment.

Major Cities

Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Hamilton, Napier-Hastings, Tauranga, Dunedin.


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