The English Speaking Course at OEIS is a great way to develop your ability to speak and communicate confidently in English. We use a dynamic interactive approach, purposeful and serious, but also fun and stimulating. Besides the focus on your Speaking, the courses also include necessary development work on Grammar, Vocabulary and Pronunciation and other skills like Reading, Writing and Listening.

Our English Speaking Course is based on a rigorous modular system we have developed so students can progress in an easy-to-understand way through different levels of English

We offer English speaking courses in Ambala, and make our students speak fluent and grammatically correct language. After taking our Spoken English classes you can speak English flawlessly with proper understanding of the words and sentence. During our course duration we work upon the following aspects :

  • Extensive vocabulary
  • Course concentrates on the areas that interest students
  • Adjustable content
  • Presentation Skills
  • Group Discussion Skills
  • Real world conversation
  • Grammar sessions to reinforce learning
  • Entertaining games & puzzles
  • Evaluating the pronunciation
  • Discussion to gain insight into current topics/affairs.

Spoken English Basic

Basic course is basically meant for those students who are not new to English Language. They have poor knowledge of grammar and incorrect sentences formation. They make sentences with wrong tenses. Vocabulary is weak in these students.

Spoken English Advance

This course is meant for students who have fair knowledge of grammar and vocabulary but are hesitant and under confident. They have incorrect pronunciation.

Spoken English Comprehensive

This course is for the students who are with us for 6 months. This is combination of basic and advance spoken English course. This course helps in continuous progress of the student.


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